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We, at Baltimore Pest Exterminator, have been providing a variety of pest control services to the people of Baltimore for over thirty years now. A group of pest management professionals founded this company and have been constantly striving towards delivering the highest standard of pest control in Baltimore at affordable rates.


Our team of trained and certified pest control experts are knowledgeable about the types of pests most likely to create problems in Baltimore and during which seasons, as well as pest behavior. They will assess the level of pest infestation at your residence and explain to you the nature of the problem and how they will deal with it. You are encouraged to ask them any questions or doubts you may have. They are a friendly bunch and will gladly clear up your queries.


How We Can Help

We provide pest control in Baltimore for insects, bed bugs, ants, rodents, flees, cockroaches, mosquitoes and a variety of outdoor insects. We also provide termite extermination or termite control service in Baltimore, as part of our pest control services. Besides being major nuisance, termites can also cause serious property damage. And it’s not advisable to try out any home remedies to fix a termite infestation. You need to bring in the experts to handle it on your behalf and make your home safe again.


We make it a point to inform and explain to all of our clients the characteristics of the various pests found in and around residential properties. This helps them identify an issue earlier and deal with it while it’s still at a nascent stage. For example, bed bugs aren’t found only in beds. They can be found in carpets, furnishings, furnitures, etc. If there’s bed bugs in one of these in your home, the chances are they are present in the others as well. So, you should bring in the experts to deal with right away.


We also provides commercial pest control in Baltimore. Having worked with a number of commercial establishments, including office buildings, shops, etc., we understand how damaging pest infestation can be for a business. You could lose customers or clients due to the presence of pests at your place of work. The productivity of your employees or staff members could also drop due to this. We provide prompt and reliable pest control service to ensure your business isn’t affected adversely

Reliable Service

For a trusted name among Baltimore, MD, pest control services, choose Baltimore Pest Pros. We’re a locally owned and operated business with more than 30 years of experience, and customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Our company offers $75 off your first service, and we have service plans available upon request. We also provide emergency services, so you can get help fast.

Don’t wait for pest issues to get worse. We’re a Baltimore, MD, pest control company you can depend on, so call Baltimore Pest Pros today.

Services Include

  • Bed bugs
  • Bees
  • Termites
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants

Don't wait for pest issues to get worse. We're a Baltimore, MD, pest control company you can depend on, so call Baltimore Pest Pros today.